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Ntwo Trader expects repeat orders rather than selling once. That why, we work closely with our buyers to maintain the quality, shipment timing and other logistics matters.We place our 100% attention to each and every loads either a single container or bulk loads.

Our Rice Products

      Manufacturing and Warehouse of Ntwo Trader co.,Ltd and our two Partner Manufacturing operations at higher efficiency than the pool. Using modern technology And controlledAll computers It can produce 5 kilograms or PP 50 kilograms of rice packing plastic bag for up to a year  200,000 tons
produce 100% of the production will be exported to foreign markets worldwide. 

The product of Rice which are currently available to supply consists of 5 different type of rice
- Jasmine Rice (All strains) Thai Jasmine Rice/Thai Fragrant Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice)
It has a natural aromatic flavor with a small content of chalky kernel. After cooked, it becomes more fragrant, tender and tasty.Production: The best quality jasmine rice comes from the north and northeast of Thailand where its soil and environment is the most suitable. The main harvest season is from September to December

- Thai White Rice (All strains) / Long Grain RiceThai White Rice is the long grain type. When cooked, it has a firm texture and gives a high volume of cooked rice. Because of its unique cooking characteristics, Thai White Rice has long grained its popularity and has been the world staple for many decades.We export below categories of

- Thai White Rice 100% Grade A
- Thai White Rice 100% Grade B  Sorted and Polished*
- Thai White Rice 5% Broken

- Glutinous Rice (All strains) / Sticky rice / Sweet RiceIt is most widely consumed in the areas where it is grown, In addition to direct consumption, it is often used as an ingredient in desserts/sweet dishes and in some industries such as brewing, flour, and snack.It is derived from two kinds of starch in the kernels, namely amylose and amylopectin. Its greater amount of the latter one increases the sticky texture. Glutinous rice can be easily distinguished from other varieties by its milky color.The major production areas are the upper northern and northeastern regions of Thailand where water is scarce. The most well-known and best quality is called "Sanpathong" which is grown mainly in the north of Thailand . The glutinous rice in the northeastern part mostly is "Duo-Juk" whose grain is shorter and less tender than Sanpathong

- Value Added Product, such as, Quick Brown Rice, Vitamin Plus Rice, Jasmine Green Tea Rice.
- Particular species of rice, such as, Basmati rice and Japonica Rice.

Rice Quality Control

     One of the most important aspects of rice grain quality is its milling yield. During the process of milling, the hull is removed from rough rice using a huller to yield brown rice. After the hull is removed, the embryo and the bran layer is removed from the brown rice through an abrasive mill to produce total rice (broken and whole kernels). The final step is the separation of the while (intact) kernels from the broken kernels using screens sized for use on long, medium and short grain varieties to produce whole grain rice. Head rice milling yield is the percentage of the whole kernels recovered after milling and removal of the broken kernels. 

Milling of rice increases it's shelf life and provides consumers with a physical property they have come to desire, whiteness. Therefore the goal of milling is to remove as much of the colored bran and germ as possible. The quality if bran remaining on the surface of the grain after milling is defined as milling degree. A high milling degree means that the miller rice is very white with relatively light milling. Degree of milling is influenced by to grain hardness, size and shape, depth of surface ridges, bran thickness and mill efficiency.People has a preference on rice that is transparent and not chalky. Chalky areas of the grain are a result of air spaces in between the starch granules that make up the endosperm. Variation in kernel thickness and transparency can be due to the differences in rice varieties, cultural management methods, weather conditions during the crop year and storage conditions of the harvested rice. Milling rice results in a loss of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. In less developed countries where rice is a major component of the people's diet, such nutritional loss may significantly impact on human health. As a result some areas, the government or people are encouraged to produce or consume under milled rice like parboiled rice to improve the well being of its population.

NTwo Tarder Co.,Ltd. is fully committed to produce Parboiled rice, white rice, Jasmine rice and other types according to or better than international standards for our customers around the world. We start quality control from cultivation of rice in our own forms, and paddy procurement from farmers around the Thailand. Highly strict quality control mechanism is place throughout the whole process, from shelling the paddy, to whiting and polishing process and then sorting it through well known European machines. We have a quality assurance and testing lab setup in our processing unit, supervised by rice experts. Rice quality is monitored, tested and assured at every step of the whole process to produce and maintain highest quality of rice.At CRM Quality is never compromised, and only quality packed rice is allowed in the local and international market.

Sugar Thai Origin / Brazil Origin

Sugar is one of the main products offered by Asia Grains. It is commercialized in bales of 1- and 2-kilo packages and in 50-kilo sacks.Sugar obtained from sugarcane is a natural sweetener consisting of crystallized carbohydrates with at least 99.3 % of saccharose. Its special refinement achieves crystals that are easily dissolved.We use Ozone for whitening technology which frees several chemical elements, enabling the production of a healthier sugar, without sulfur dioxide.


We as a group of companies do hold the capacity of exporting rice and sugar from few containers to bulk loads min of 20,000 Mts. Our milling capacity is much higher than the export capacity. We can prompt in loading huge quantities to any ports of the world where there are huge demands for consumption.

White Refined Sugar:
• polarization min. 99.80%
• colour max. 45 Icumsa
• ash max. 0.04%
• moisture max. 0.04%

Sugar has made from good quality of cane and had been through production moderate processing under control by Ministry of Industry which required world class standard. You can be so sure that sugar you put in your body is 100% natural sugar is suitable for food manufacturer, pharmaceutical industry and sweetened beverage which able to use for its chemical feature as well.

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